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Notabase is a personal knowledge base for networked thinking.

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Link your knowledge together

Your brain stores information as a network, not as a collection of files and folders. With Notabase, you make [[connections]] between notes and organize knowledge associatively. This lets you perceive relationships between pieces of knowledge that may not be apparent in isolation.

Write in rich text as you type

You don't need to be an expert at markdown to be productive with Notabase. With a formatting menu, keyboard shortcuts, and auto-markdown support, you can format your text however you'd like. Everything is converted effortlessly into rich text as you type, making it frictionless to write down your thoughts.

Open source

Notabase is open source software, which means development happens transparently. The entire community makes the product better by contributing code, reporting bugs, or providing support. And since the source code is public, anyone can build on top of it or host it themselves.


Notabase is currently free to use while in alpha. In the future, a paid tier will be added in order to cover the costs of hosting and development (but there will always be a generous free tier).

A wiki for your ideas.

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A personal knowledge base for networked thinking.

Currently in alpha.